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Your contract is made under the following terms and conditions. Please read carefully and ask for an explanation if they are not clear.


This contract is between you the purchaser and Signature Kitchen Designs Ltd.


  • Kitchen Units
    The products to be supplied and installed where applicable are set out in the Contract. The specification, size, constructions for each unit are shown in the current literature which will be given to you at the point of sale or by post.
  • Appliances
    The electrical/gas appliances to be supplied and installed when applicable are detailed on the contract, including make and model number.
  • Additional Products
    Any Conditional products /work to be provided must be clearly indicated on the contract.
  • Granite/Stone
    All granite/Stone worktop/upstands/splashback are purchased from a specialist supplier. The prices given in respect of these items are estimates and will be confirmed following the receipt of notification of your required specifications and templating by our supplier.


If your decision to purchase is dependent on a specific reason or condition, this should be clearly indicated on the Contract. Any verbal agreement made with our designers will not be legally binding.


Our fitters carry out a technical survey to ensure:

  • The Contract specification is correct.
  • To examine your property to make sure that your kitchen can be correctly installed. (The survey will normally be carried out within 14 days by mutual agreement. In the event of unforeseen structural difficulties Signature Kitchen Designs Ltd reserve the right to cancel. Your deposit will be refunded in full if Signature Kitchen Designs Ltd cancel this contract.


In the event that building works are required, an estimate will be provided which will subsequently be either confirmed at time of survey as a quotation or if considered necessary a building contractor will be requested to provide a quotation for the works required. A further written quotation will subsequently be provided.


Variation to this agreement must be agreed between both parties and must be confirmed in writing.

If the price is affected by any changes this will be confirmed in writing and added to the previous total agreed.

After technical survey, ‘Signature Kitchen Designs Ltd’ reserves the right to make any deviation from the specification in the contract and plans which would not materially affect the design if in the opinion of ‘Signature Kitchen Designs Ltd’ such alterations would facilitate the proper execution of the work.

If ‘Signature Kitchen Designs Ltd’ is of the opinion following a survey that the specification, plans or any other parts of this contract have been completed incorrectly or inaccurately then ‘Signature Kitchen Designs Ltd’ will discuss this with the customer and the following provisions shall apply:

If the parties agree on the necessary variation, the variations will be recorded in writing. This variation in all aspects shall be governed by these terms of sale and the variation form will be signed by both parties. If the parties cannot agree on the necessary variations, ‘Signature Kitchen Designs Ltd’ reserves the right to terminate this contract forthwith by written notice to the customer and the customer will not be entitled to any damages.

Any monies will be reimbursed to the customer.


Referral must be stated before order is placed and deposit paid.

Order value must be a minimum of £10,000 to qualify for this offer.

A cheque for the amount of £100 will be sent via Royal Mail upon completion of works and balance payment received.


The price of the kitchen is detailed on the contract order form. Please note this includes all items listed in the contract, extra products, their installation and other works where indicated. Any alterations to the contract will be clearly indicated on a variation form, together with price variation if applicable.

Any offers must be clearly stated on the contact at the time of sale. If not specified thereon ‘Signature Kitchen Designs Ltd’ reserves the right not to honour any verbal agreement.

If your decision to purchase is dependent on a specific reason or condition, this should be clearly indicated on the Contract. Any verbal agreement made with our designers will not be legally binding.


VAT is payable by you at the appropriate rate. (This is normally shown on your contract).


Fully Installed Kitchens

  1. Deposit – 25%
  2. Delivery payment – 65%
  3. Completion – Outstanding Balance.

Supply Only Kitchens

  1. Deposit – 35%
  2. Delivery payment – 65%


Delivery and installation will be made on a date convenient to both ‘Signature Kitchen Designs Ltd ’and the customer. Due to transportation requirement timed deliveries cannot be given.

‘Signature Kitchen Designs Ltd’ will attempt to comply with any reasonable request regarding the date of delivery and installation.

Any periods quoted for delivery and installation are for guidance only.
On completion the purchaser agrees to check the installation for faults with the installation fitter and complete the preformed guarantee registration check list.

If any further marks or faults are found after Installation checklist has been signed you must inform ‘Signature Kitchen Designs Ltd’ in writing within 48hours. It will be at ‘Signature Kitchen Designs Ltd’ discretion to rectify.

The customer will be given a certificate for any Gas or Electrical work under taken.


All appliances are supplied with a standard Manufactures warranty and if applicable the manufacturers after sale service.


‘Signature Kitchen Designs Ltd’ fully guaranteed our installation (including electrical and plumbing work) cabinets/furniture for a period of 12months.

All kitchen furniture is covered for an additional 4 years (parts only) against any manufacturing faults. After the expiry of 1 year from the date of Installation a call out charge at the current rate plus an hourly rate is applicable. VAT will be charged at the prevailing rate. ‘Signature Kitchen Designs Ltd’ decision relating to fair wear and tear is final.

Any claims made under our guarantee must be put in writing.


Nothing in these Terms and Conditions affects your Statutory Rights.


You the customer have the right to cancel your contract in writing, any expenses caused by cancellation of your goods/Installation must be met by the customer.