How do I measure my kitchen?

There is no need for you to measure your kitchen as we offer to do this for you with our free plan and design service. If you would rather bring in your own measurements to start with then this is what we will need: A simple floor plan, with the measurements on. We would need to know window and door measurements and also things like boilers and ceiling wedges. We would always double check these measurements for you especially if you decided to purchase your kitchen from us

How do you work out your pricing?

Every kitchen is different, so as a result pricing is calculated on an individual basis depending on each customer’s requirements. We take into account the size of your kitchen and all your individual choices, including the door choice, worktops and appliances you select, plus whether or not you require installation, before we calculate your specific price. If you have an idea of how much you want to spend on your kitchen we’ll help advise you on what will or won’t be possible within your budget and suggest alternative ideas to help you get the most within your budget as far as we can.

Can you compare kitchens on price?

No, you can never compare a kitchen on price alone. Don’t get us wrong, comparing kitchen price is important – which is why we offer a range of designs to suit every size of budget – but it’s just one consideration amongst many. A kitchen is an investment that should last you for many years, so the cheapest option will almost certainly not always be the best. Before you buy a kitchen, here are some considerations worth thinking about: • Adding value
• Kitchen quality
• Service
• The supplier
• Value for money

What can I expect from a design appointment?

We can either arrange a free home survey which will then run through your wish list and discuss all the options with you or you can come into our showroom and run through all your ideas which we would then follow up with a free home survey.
During the home survey, your designer will take accurate measurements, identify any structural restrictions and will talk to you in more detail about exactly how you want your new kitchen to work. They may bring samples and brochures to show you the different options for you to consider. Once they’ve fully evaluated your space, they will then take away their measurements in order to come up with a bespoke CAD drawing.

Our designers NEVER sell in the home and will not outstay their welcome, which is something many customers worry about. Instead, you will be invited back into store to review the designs that your designer has produced and only at that point will we start to discuss your quotation and contract (however if it is not possible for you to come into the showroom for whatever reason this can be arranged to be done at your home at a convenient time to suit you). We never estimate a cost of a kitchen, because this would be a guess -estimate not a proper estimate and every kitchen cost varies dependent on our clients requirements.
Please note, whilst we will endeavor to follow your design ideas as closely as possible, we will need to highlight any potential problems where the design does not comply with specific regulations. These are put into place for health and safety; your designer can explain this to you if it arises at the time of survey.

How quickly can you deliver my new kitchen?

We will always try to deliver and install your kitchen within the timescales you require. However, please bear in mind that our kitchen is made to order to your personal design specification, we generally estimate from the point of officially contracting your order an average of 4 weeks, painted kitchens can take up to 6 weeks.

How will my kitchen arrive?

When your kitchen is due to be delivered one of us will be there to check the delivery, however prior to delivery, you will need to make sure that you have the room for it to be stored, as our units come fully rigid. (An ideal place if you have one would be a dry garage or a downstairs room that is not used all the time).

If you have any restrictions that might affect your delivery, such as the width of your road, or any parking restrictions, we would I need to know this before delivery so we can make alternative arrangements if need be. As a general rule of thumb, if a rubbish disposal lorry can reach your property, so can we.

Do you have an aftercare service?

We offer a 5 year no quibble guarantee on all furniture and workmanship – manufacturers guarantee on appliances sinks and taps and worktops.
We are a small family run business where our customer service and reputation is extremely important to us, we treat our customers with every bit of respect and in the same way we feel we would want to be treated. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you will deal with the same person and not having to go through a head office to get answers never knowing who you are talking to.

Are your kitchens made to order?

Yes, every single kitchen is made to order to your personal design specification.

How good are the kitchen cabinets you supply?

Our kitchens are of the highest standard. We use rigid built cabinets which are 18mm thick all the way round including solid tops – so you can be confident of their strength and durability.

Our kitchen units are available in a wide variety of colours either to match the choice of your door colour or we can use complementary colours of your choice.

All of our doors and drawers are fitted with a soft-close mechanism. This helps with wear and tear and also makes your kitchen a safer place when you have little helpers in the kitchen.
Further cabinet features include a choice of height, depths, adjustable shelving, and also a wide choice of different cabinet lighting.

Do you sell integrated and/or free standing appliances?

We offer a huge selection of appliances – from the most basic to state of the art using many manufacturers and suppliers. The majority of our appliances are designed to integrate smoothly into your kitchen design, however our collection includes a range of fully integrated, semi integrated or free standing models to suit your requirements.

Of course you do not need to purchase any appliances from us, if you would like to use your current appliance or source your appliances from somewhere different you are welcome to.

What kind of worktops do you sell?

Your worktop is very important in your kitchen, it has to compliment your kitchen choice but also be suitable for your working needs. To help you achieve this we supply a vast amount of finishes, styles and colours to choose from. We will help and advise you on your choices ensuring your worktop compliments your kitchen design perfectly.

Whether you prefer the classic glamour of granite, the traditional feel of solid timber or the smooth finish of a whole host of composite worktops including Corian, Silestone and Quartz, we’ll have something that will suit your requirements. We don’t feel that laminate worktops are the basic option either, we have premium laminates, matt effect laminates and gloss effect laminates.

What is a framed kitchen?

Framed kitchens have a flat frame on the front of the cabinet, of which the door normally sits flush inside. Think of this as like a picture frame around the cabinet door. This design has been around for centuries and is considered to be the most traditional way of producing kitchen cabinets. Having said that, the look achieved by a framed kitchen design doesn’t have to be old fashioned. An in framed kitchen can also look very contemporary with the correct design.

What are your kitchens doors made of?

We use a huge variety of materials in the production of our kitchens. Our kitchen doors come in a variety of materials – vinyl wrapped, foil wrapped, acrylic and lacquered, solid timber, painted timber, veneered timber Doors.

Do I have to use a Signature Kitchens installer?

Whether you want us to design and install your kitchen or you want to take care of the installation yourself, it’s up to you.
Our installation service includes a pre-fit survey to identify your full requirements. After your installation we will run through a 10 point check list with you, ask you about your satisfaction and give you a checkatrade form to fill in, this is done to make sure you are happy with your new fitted kitchen.

Our installers know our kitchens inside out so it stands to reason that they can be trusted to fit them to the highest standards. We don’t have a problem with you taking care of your kitchen fitting yourself, but we do recommend that you leave it to our experts.

How long will the installation process take?

This is a difficult question to answer as the length of time is dependent on a number of factors: Size and complex of the design, Building work involved, worktop materials and tiling.

On average, a kitchen installation (excluding solid worktops) takes between 1-2 weeks. As with all types of building work carried out in the home, there will be some disruption and inconvenience in the kitchen whilst it is being installed and you may be without water, gas and electric services for a short period of time, however you will never be left without any services over night.

Do you offer finance?

Sorry this is not something we can offer.